Transparent Health is dedicated to the prevention of harm that results from medical care. The company’s mission is to improve outcomes of care through the use of innovative, principled, and transparent responses to unexpected patient events.
Using comprehensive reporting systems, team-oriented communication skills training and patient-centered programs based on the principles of honesty and transparency, Transparent Health provides health care organizations, providers, educators, administrators, risk managers and consumers the tools and methods for reducing patient harm, and for responding to unanticipated harm in an open and honest way when it occurs.

When patients are harmed by unanticipated medical error, it can be devastating for all involved. How we as caregivers respond to these events, defines who we are as individuals, organizations and our professions as a whole. It is open and honest communication between caregivers, and their patients and families, that allows the process of healing and closure to begin – for patients, families and caregivers.